Sports For Development

Over the years of mankind, it has been established that sports is an activity that transforms the individual and society. In leisure and competition, sports is a tool for development.

The many disciplines of sports give the flexibility and variety for developing and sustaining interest. It is equally an activity or collection of activities that defies a person’s societal standing in admitting participation. The history of sports is replete with many grass to grace stories, poor to rich scenarios and peace building.

It is with this mind-set that Ananseman Play House enters deprived communities and engages the people into looking at the possibility of using sports to do the following;

  1. Provide platform for introspection.
  2. Provide platform for individual excellence.
  3. Encourage collective play or team spirit.
  4. Bring a large number of people to one place; this provides the opportunity to put across messages to a wider audience.
  5. 5. Nurture people through participation in the sporting disciplines.

Ananseman Play House chose to pick one disciple that though has transformed individual lives from poverty to riches, has issues due to its violent nature and known health issues of some successful practitioners;


Former World Boxing Champions, Joshua Clottey, Nana Yaw Konadu, Joseph Abeko and Azuma Nelson were the resource persons who variously answered questions put to them by children and young people.

Children and young people listened with rapt attention with some admitting shedding tears in the course of the narrations by these world grates. They were all quick to let children and young people understand that getting out of poverty enjoined one to contribute to causes that will correct the imbalances in the world that children and young people were talking about in the works.

The programme is a hands-on project, whereby the whole community is involved in finding lasting solutions to community based issues. The educated and uneducated children and young people in the locality work together as a team with supervisors from the region guiding them. This competition is amongst the 10 regions in Ghana, the best region is one who will be able to succeed in the task at hand, with the community testifying to the success of the project completed.

We have done the introduction of the programme to many of the communities and they are eager to get it going.

What We Do


ANANSEFEST is the bringing together of children and young people between the ages of 10-19 years to use film as a tool for development.
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Ananseman Play House took the trainers through workshops and forums to understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals and translating the understanding into films.
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Sports For Development

It has been established that sports is an activity that transforms the individual and society.
In leisure and competition, sports is a tool for development.
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Ghana's Tomorrow

The future of Ghana depends on the children and young people of today. It is a national educative programme designed at getting the children and youth in the various regions to identify, educate and solve issues that are pertinent to their locality.
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Symposia & Lectures

To bring out outcomes in the target group we deal with, we begin our first meetings with them through Interactive Lectures or Symposiums. For example, we had both symposiums and lectures on the UN Sustainable Development Goals before continuing with workshops.
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Drama On Television

In 2015, Ananseman Play House has laid the foundation with GTV to air TV drama series for thirty-nine (39) weeks on five (5) thematic areas of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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What People Say

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Anansefest will enearth the hidden talent in the children and help them discover future profession in the creative arts.

Ms CharlotteAddo, Nifa Senior High
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It is a welcome development that the potentials of the individual students are now being nurtured through Anansefest and we intend to partake in subsequent competitions by Ananseman Play House.

Ms Cecila Appiah, Krobo Girls
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National development depends on the youth and Anansefest is helping to showcase the talents of the students and youth while who will be future leaders.

Mrs. Felicia Koree, Chemu Senior High
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Our drama group was invited to participate in the Anansefest competition and we found it really informative and exciting.

Accra Girls High School.
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Anansefest has shifted the focus of the youth from vices and cultism to seeing that they also could be shining stars.

Nifa Senior High

Ananseman News


This workshop organized for the various instructors of the participating schools and members of Team ANANSEFEST was aimed at exchanging ideas on how to train young people in filmmaking. There was a presentation by Füsun Eriksen-Director of Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival.

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The much awaited launch which was held at the Exhibition Hall of the National Theatre was attended by over 300 persons, the event was chaired by Mr. Nat Nunoo Amarteyfio and honoured by Dr. Bernice Heloo (Deputy Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Information).

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24 June 2011

Ananseman Playhouse, the producers of Ghana's first ever National Students’ Film Festival have had their maiden awards night at the British Council Hall on the 24th of June, 2011. The awards night was held after the thirteen weeks of screening on GTV.

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