Ananseman Play House has sought over the years and continues to seek awareness creation and encouraging strong citizen base towards achieving sustainable development and growth. It is a truism that while adults are set in their ways and do not easily adapt to change, children and young people however are serious agents of change.

Children and young people grow with knowledge and practices from adults they come into contact with and what they are taught formally.

With this in mind, Ananseman Play House seeking among other things “To establish and develop advocacy programmes and policies that will engender positive behaviour change towards development of the society” introduced ANANSEFEST to children and young people during workshops and forums.

ANANSEFEST is the bringing together of children and young people between the ages of 10-19 years to use film as a tool for development.

It aims to nurture children and young people with strong love for media skills including especially film making into creative people, to develop their creative and critical awareness in relation to solutions through films and other audio-visual media of challenges that they (children and young people) encounter.

ANANSEFEST is an active, innovative and inspirational experience for children and young people which through a series of workshops and forums, challenges, motivates and develops the 10-19 year-olds to be creative, critical media consumers and producers who will see films as tools for development. Read on »

Anansefest Data

These are the total basic statistics of Anansefest over the years.


Anansefest Quick Facts

The objectives of Anansefest are:

  • Offer the platform for students to acquire basic interest in filmmaking.
  • Challenge the students to offer inspired creative solutions for national development.
  • Expose students to see the Arts, Culture and Entertainment industry as career opportunity.
  • Inculcate high cultural values in the youth and to encourage them to be creative, innovative and business-minded about Culture, Arts and Entertainment.
  • Provide a unique and innovative platform for information, communication, education and entertainment.

The competition awards will be in the underlisted categories. Each Category Winner receives the ANANSEFEST Statuette, certificate, sponsors’ products.

  • Ananse (Best Actor)
  • Okonore (Best Actress)
  • Ntikuma (Best Supporting Actor)
  • Anansewaa (Best Supporting Actress)
  • Anansegoro (Best Movie)
  • Anansentintan (Best Directing)
  • Anansentama (Best Costume)
  • Anansekrataa (Best Script)
  • Anansesem (Best Story)
  • Anansemma (The School with the most nominees)

The general public would vote for the Top Five (5) nominees in each category at the end of eight (8) weeks of airing on TV.

A recap of the actions of the Top five (5) nominees of each category would be played back on TV. Each category would be allocated a 30-minute airtime on TV.

The Best Five (5) in each Award Category qualify for the ANANSEFEST Awards Ceremony.

The competition has been broken into four phases as indicated below:


  • Workshops and Seminars to equip the students to kick start the
  • Pre-Festival activities
  • Participating schools to choose their own themes, write their own scripts, cast, produce and direct same under the supervision of their Entertainment tutors and their respective school authorities.
  • Technical expertise to be provided by Ananseman Playhouse in the areas of camera and sound work, editing as well as general pre and post production works.
  • Each movie must be development-oriented and of a maximum duration of ten (10) minutes.


  • Submission of concepts /scripts by participating schools.
  • Vetting and Short-listing of scripts for production.
  • Inspection of Locations and Costumes for shortlisted scripts.
  • Rehearsal of scripts and general preparations by schools.


  • Pre-production Conferences for short-listed schools.
  • Production: shoot short-listed scripts.
  • Post-production: editing, etc.
  • Recording of studio discussions.


  • Premiere of productions and launch AWARDS NIGHT.
  • Quarter finals: telecast 32 productions and public voting.
  • Semi-finals: telecast productions and public voting (16 nominees per Award Category).
  • Grand Finale: shortlist, telecast and public voting on Top 5 per Award Category.
  • Telecast interviews with families of nominees in Top 5 per Award Category, school authorities, sponsors, etc.

What People Say

testimonial image

Anansefest will enearth the hidden talent in the children and help them discover future profession in the creative arts.

Ms CharlotteAddo, Nifa Senior High
testimonial image

It is a welcome development that the potentials of the individual students are now being nurtured through Anansefest and we intend to partake in subsequent competitions by Ananseman Play House.

Ms Cecila Appiah, Krobo Girls
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National development depends on the youth and Anansefest is helping to showcase the talents of the students and youth while who will be future leaders.

Mrs. Felicia Koree, Chemu Senior High
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Our drama group was invited to participate in the Anansefest competition and we found it really informative and exciting.

Accra Girls High School.
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Anansefest has shifted the focus of the youth from vices and cultism to seeing that they also could be shining stars.

Nifa Senior High

Ananseman News


This workshop organized for the various instructors of the participating schools and members of Team ANANSEFEST was aimed at exchanging ideas on how to train young people in filmmaking. There was a presentation by Füsun Eriksen-Director of Buster Copenhagen International Film Festival.

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The much awaited launch which was held at the Exhibition Hall of the National Theatre was attended by over 300 persons, the event was chaired by Mr. Nat Nunoo Amarteyfio and honoured by Dr. Bernice Heloo (Deputy Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Information).

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24 June 2011

Ananseman Playhouse, the producers of Ghana's first ever National Students’ Film Festival have had their maiden awards night at the British Council Hall on the 24th of June, 2011. The awards night was held after the thirteen weeks of screening on GTV.

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